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digital enables you

Digital technology can unlock new opportunities - revenue - communications - efficiencies - where the tools used to stop us, the tools now enable us, so where do you want to go? What do you want to build? How big are you thinking? What do you really want for your business, your customers, your team members?



In 2004, I took the $108 I had saved and turned it into $10,000 profit in 6 months selling Christmas lights on while working full-time as a distributor account manager. Truth. That happened.


Fast forward >> today I sell millions online tactfully optimizing and blazing trails with wholesale distributors.


Along the way, you may have seen me on ABC's, Shark Tank (ECOMOWER, 2011), or working with irrigation technology, helping hundreds of contractors & distributors embrace the digital transformation and improve their business.


In digital, it is so easy to forget the human element and sound robotic like everybody else:


“Thank you for your order. Your order is No. 123456.”


By avoiding this plain-Jane approach, all distributors have a chance to deliver a message in a tone they would use in the real world. Use your voice, be uniquely you..

~ Andy Humphrey

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