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My goal is to get you up and running on your own — you shouldn’t need on-going coaching if I’m doing my job properly. You are the hero of your story and I’m nothing other than your trail guide for when things get tough.

Let's have a call

Sometimes, you just need a professional to offer perspective at a fork in the road or when the cloud of confusion is too thick to see beyond. I’d love to help. 


Having an agenda and goal for our session will help us make the most of our time together. Here are some suggestions:


I’d like to…


  • Tell my story and get feedback on my overall direction.

  • Solidify my product launch.

  • Discuss a few different product ideas.

  • Walkthrough my current eCommerce business.

  • Help getting started.

  • Pick your brain with a list of questions. 


If you have other ideas, I'm open to them! Just make sure that 60 minutes is enough time to cover your topic. 

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